Pin Oaks Pupkins - The Nestling Bed

Through past experience and observation during our time here with hundreds of dogs at Pin Oaks kennels, we have realised the good and the 'to be avoided' features relating to pet beds. We have seen beds made up in just about every conceivable design, size and construction. We decided to produce a pet bed.

It had to be: · Simple · Comfortable · Practical

Where we were not going to go wrong:

Weak thread – inexcusable. Poor workmanship – sloppy. Inferior fabric – nasty but not inexpensive. Weak filler cover – disposable Zippers – breakable, debatable. Use of pet hair catching fabric, especially for the short haired breeds – thoughtless Not fully washable – Acceptable if the filler is covered with superior waterproof fabric, well sealed and mite proof. We have planned the construction of such a TOUGH BED, starting production in 2012. Slow drying – inconvenient with the risk of mould. Impractical filler – The contents of a broken filler cover can make a terrible mess of static and/or adhesive material. Cleaning up after this sort of accident is no joke! What is a pupkin? It is a deliciously indulgent nestling bed for dogs and cats. Small children love them too!

What is it made of?

High loft filler, which will not 'bunch' once washed (like a cheap pillow).
Machined with strong upholstery thread.

High quality fleece or fake fur meticulously chosen for durability. The fabric must not be tenacious regarding the trapping of pet hairs. Ever seen that cheap and nasty fleece, so pretty and soft, interwoven with short pets hairs? However hard you wash it, the hairs are there to stay. Okay, so the pet hair is clean at least!


The workmanship is of the highest standard. Even though the Pupkin looks simple, its construction requires the work of a skilled machinist. We are fortunate in that we can rely on Tracy to see to that for us, with the help of highly experienced seamstress.

Once the pattern is cut out, the fabric is machine-washed. This causes most of the loose fibre, caused mainly by cutting, to be dislodged. It also allows the fabric to settle and bind. Some of the fur fabric changes in appearance from 'furry' to 'fluffy'

Once the embroidery is complete, the Pupkin is stitched together, filled, sealed, packaged and labeled. Michael designs the artwork right here at Pin Oaks (when he's not busy with the kennel guests)


Because the Pupkin is made from high quality strong fabric, stitched with strong thread and machined by skilled, meticulous machinists, the Pupkin should last for many years. We do not believe in producing a product, which is not expected to last. Besides, it does not make sense for skilled workers to spend their valuable time working with rubbish that is going to fall apart in no time.

Some pets have no respect for human endeavor. A determined destroyer from the cat and dog world can pull just about anything to bits, and enjoy doing it. We don't recommend a Pupkin, or any other good bed, be given to destroyers. It makes sense to wait until/if he or she grows out of the destructive habit, which is normally at roundabout two years of age. Of course this problem is prevalent more in some breeds of dog than in others.


The pets generally find the Pupkin to be extremely comfortable and cosy. We are considering making Pupkins for larger dogs, because I know that our ridgebacks would love one, but weighing in at just over 40kg, they are just too big for our large size Pupkin. Then there are exceptions. For example, we have a fluffy old corgi who prefers the cold, tiled floor to any bed.

Washing and drying

The Pupkin is lightweight, fully washable and quick drying. The Mini size will fit in to most domestic machines and can be washed in water up to 40°C. They will come out almost dry after spinning. Small, Medium and large can be hand-washed (depending on the size of your washing machine) and dry quickly in the sun.

The Pupkin can be tumble-dried on low heat.


We have found that suitable fabric is not readily available here is South Africa.
As a result, we spend hours going through warehouses in search of material.
When we find a suitable roll we buy the whole thing or what is left of one. With the sourcing of fabrics being the challenge that it is, it means that all of the Pupkins we have made or are making so far are part of a 'limited edition' regarding colour and varying textures.

We are determined that this is a temporary situation and are working hard to acquire suitable fabrics in bulk.

Pupkin Pouch

The pouch is an optional loose cover, which fits over the Pupkin. It is tied at the bottom with a drawstring and so can be removed and washed separately.
The fabrics used are all washable. We make the pouches from pure cotton, poly cotton or toweling material in a variety of colours and prints. If necessary, depending on the fabric, the pouches are double stitched and over-locked.