Dogs Are Special, They Make Us Smile, They Make Us Laugh

They Are Our Friends, Companions And Part Of Our Families

With Unconditional Devotion They Protect Us, Forgive Us, Understand Us

And Are Forever At Our Sides


Thirteen spacious fully walled with some having a view, underfloor heating system. During the hot season, massive trees shade the kenneling area, resulting in a less stressed environment…read more


The ingredients of the Pin Oaks BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) dog food is all human-grade. 

The raw ingredients are sourced, processed and packaged under hygienic conditions.

Our Story

Born into a dog-loving family, I grew up beside dogs. Big dogs, small dogs, long dogs, hairy ones, short ones, itchy dogs, fast dogs, other peoples dogs, slow, noisy, silent and even very old dogs. And I loved it! …read more


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